5 Brushing Mistakes

1.  Brushing too hard.  It’s bad for your gums, and probably isn’t helping your teeth either.  The tips of the bristles do the cleaning, but brushing hard makes them splay out.  That applies to electric toothbrushes too.

2.  Rinsing right after you brush.  It washes away the fluoride in the toothpaste, so wait at least two minutes before you swish.  Or really, you should be brushing last.  The best order to do it all in is floss, swish, then brush.

3.  Using the same toothbrush too long.  Replace it every three months, and not just because the bristles wear out.  Bacteria builds up, so that’s another reason.

4.  Brushing right after eating or drinking stuff that’s sugary or acidic.  That includes coffee.  It can damage your enamel, so wait at least 30 minutes.  Of if you’re leaving for work and HAVE to brush, rinse with water first.

5.  Brushing with baking soda or charcoal.  It might help short-term, but they’re too abrasive.  So long-term, it can actually damage your enamel.

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