5 Summer Essentials!!
Portrait of young friends jumping into the water from a jetty. Young people having fun at the lake on a summer day.

A new survey asked people what summer essentials are most often left at home, and the most common responses were:  Cellphones . . . water bottles and drinks . . . personal products like deodorant, body lotion, and makeup . . . and sunscreen.

Of those, only 20% would NOT go back for their phone . . . 30% would continue on without deodorant, lotion, or makeup . . . and 26% would risk a sunburn by not turning around to get their sunscreen.

It might depend where you’re going.  You can’t just pick up a replacement phone . . . it’s just whether you REALLY need it.  If you’re headed to a pool or a beach, you might be able to buy what you forgot nearby.  But if you’re going camping or headed out on a lake, you might have to DO WITHOUT.

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