Angel Family (2021)


Client’s physical age: 6

Developmental age: 6

Mobility issues, restrictions, etc: This little boy walks on his own, runs, jumps, and is very active.

Client’s situation/biographical info: This client received a kidney transplant on August 23, 2021 from an anonymous, living donor. His family is thrilled that he is no longer requiring dialysis, but they are still recovering from this stressful year and are hopeful since the transplant was successful. The little boy receives his meals through a feeding tube, is alert and oriented, and is verbal and able to communicate his needs. Because he has been recovering from his transplant, he has not been able to play as he usually would and needs some toys he can play with while remaining still.  As this stressful year comes to a close, this family could use a little assistance making “Christmas happen” as they get back on their feet and adjust to their new normal.

Client: Shirt size 5T/6T | Pants size 6T | Shoe size 11 | Favorite colors: orange, red and blue

Wishlist: Marvel toys (his favorite characters are Spiderman, Black Widow and Hulk), hot wheel track, hot wheel car garage, super hero toys/cars, golf toys, Nintendo Switch games (Spiderman Adventures)

Household Necessities: Queen size and full size sheets, windshield wipers for car and strut  replacement for a 2007 Honda


Mom: nice/medium length/soft coat, size 3 pants (LEVI or Arizona skinny jeans/low-rise), Kohls or JCPenney gift card, Olive Garden gift card

Sibling #1: Age 8

Shirt size: 10/12 | Pants size: Youth 12 | Favorite Color: red

Wishlist: needs shirts badly, headphones, toys similar to what his brother requested


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