Not many things seem to be black and white these days, EXCEPT when it’s a question of whether you’re a “night owl” or an “early bird.”  Even if your lifestyle fights it, everyone has a default setting on this . . . right?

In a new poll, 22% of Americans said they’re a TOTAL night owl, and another 28% said they’re “somewhat” of a night owl.  That’s 50%.  17% said they’re a total early bird, and another 19% said they’re somewhat of an early bird.  That’s 36%.  8% claimed they are “neither,” and 6% are “not sure.”

Interestingly, women were far more likely to be night owls than men.  And less surprisingly, young adults are more likely to be night owls, while older people are more into getting up early, and dozing off during “Jeopardy!”.

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