Being Smart About Watering!


Conserve Water and Still Have a Beautiful Yard

Water is a precious commodity in North Texas and is limited in supply, but you can have beauty and color in your yard and still conserve water. Here are some tips to reduce water use and keep a beautiful landscape:

  • Water during the coolest part of the day; this allows the ground to absorb the water before it evaporates.
    • April 1 – October 31 no watering is allowed 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Water in multiple short cycles rather than one long cycle to give your soil a chance to absorb the water instead of becoming runoff.
  • Make sure your irrigation system is working well and sprinkler heads are directed to best use your water.
  • Mow your lawn taller to encourage deeper root growth. This allows your grass to find water in the soil instead of being overly dependant on water from sprinklers.
  • Water only as needed and adjust for changes in temperature, wind, humidity and rainfall. This will encourage your grass to grow deep roots.
  • Determine how much you need to water this week with Water My Yard.
  • Some plants are better able to handle our hot weather than others. Using native and adapted plants allows you to have a colorful yard without using a lot of water.

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