Candy Cane Family

Client Info: This is a 7-year-old boy who recently celebrated his one year post-kidney transplant anniversary. He was born with end stage renal failure and both of his kidneys were very damaged due to a blockage. He was give a 0% chance of surviving which broke his family’s hearts. In his short lifetime, he has been admitted to the hospital over 40 times, has been deemed “failure to thrive”, has had 6 surgeries, is still learning to eat orally after developing oral aversion as an infant, and was the first baby to be born at Cooks Children’s with bilateral multi-cystic kidneys in over 8 years. This boy, however, is a little miracle and has surpassed many obstacles that came his way. His mom says that he is the strongest and bravest kid she knows, and has the most personality and character she has ever seen in a kid. He is exceptionally smart for his age and is always happy. After his parents went their separate ways 4 years ago, his mom and grandmother have been caring for him and doing their best to balance work, hospital admissions, schooling, and his overall care. His mom says that she is beyond exhausted and is so thankful for any help, good thoughts, or prayers they can receive this holiday season.

Client’s diagnoses/description of care: He has a GT/GB which allows him to eat via a port in his tummy or via a feeding tube since he is still learning to eat orally after his oral aversion (he would not eat or swallow as a newborn). He is on a strict medication regimen and has to take immunosuppressants as well. He can be very fragile at times. 

Client’s Clothing Sizes: 

Shirts and Pants: 8Y

Shoes: 1

Client’s Favorite Colors: Red and Blue

Client’s Wish List:

Black Adidas shoes, rubber sole slides (shoes) for indoor use, a kid’s football, a kid’s basketball, a small sniper Nerf gun, Nintendo Switch Membership and Games, Headphones, Stack-A-Cup game


Sibling Information:

Age: 9

Gender: Boy

Shirt size: Youth Medium

Shoe size: 8-8.5

No color preference, does not like stripes

Wish List: School clothes or casual t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts (no fleece), Heely skate shoes (black or red), Michael Jordan slides (rubber bottom shoes), Gold chain necklace (short), Nintendo Switch games and membership, headphones 


Household Necessities:

Mom is not picky and would love anything that can help her around the house such as blankets, cleaning supplies, small appliances, etc. 


Mom Information:

Pant Size: 3

Shoes: 7.5-8

Wishlist: Arizona light wash jeans (straight legged or skinny), Gift Card to Buckle, Hair Salon Gift Card for the Sherman Area, Black Bottom Adidas shoes (all black or black/white or maroon/black), O’Reilly’s gift card for auto parts, Sephora gift card, Gucci Guilty perfume or lotion


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