Christmas Tree Family (2021)


Client’s physical age: 13

Developmental age:

Mobility issues, restrictions, etc: 100% dependent on his caregivers for all needs

Client’s situation/biographical info: This boy lives with his grandparents and uncle who are his primary caregivers. He is a sweet boy who uses an eye gaze communicator since he is non-verbal. He has a feeding tube, is prone to seizures and was recently hospitalized. He loves to laugh, smile and listen to music. His grandparents and uncle are working hard to provide for him and his brother and if their Christmas gifts were provided, it would take a ton of stress off of the grandparents this year.

Client: Shirt size YL | Pants size Y 16 | Favorite colors: bright colors

Wishlist: Toys that make noise, twin size bedding, warm clothing, childrens movies, anything Mickey Mouse, Spongebob or Madagascar related.

Household Necessities: king size bedding, cleaning supplies (especially Clorox wipes)


Grandpa: anything tool related

Grandma: a pair of size 11 house shoes, gift card to Kohls, Belk, Red Lobster

Uncle: 2X shirts, 2X sweatpants, XL underwear, socks

Sibling #1: Age 15

Shirt size: 2X | Pants size: 40/42 | Shoe size: 14 | Favorite Colors: red and black

Wishlist: coat/warm clothes, AXE body spray, tall calf-height socks, queen size bedding, Curve cologne, PlayStation gift card


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