Christmas Tree Family

Client Info: This is a baby boy whose family is needing some TLC. Before he was born, his older sister was born at 28 weeks with holes in her heart and spent two weeks in the hospital before going home. Then, when his mother was pregnant with he and his twin, she received news his heart was not developing properly shortly giving birth prematurely. At 3 pounds birth weight, our little angel was immediately transferred to Children’s Dallas while his brother remained back home with his mother who was recovering from a C-section and monitoring her own heart condition. Before he was 6-weeks, he had to have a stint placed in his heart until he was big enough to receive a gland surgery at 6 months. Mom’s health was struggling at this time when she found out shortly after she was pregnant with another set of twins. Ultimately, mom miscarried one of her second pair of twins and the other is currently still hospitalized. Due to the health complications of his baby boys, his wife, and his daughter, Dad had to quit his job in which he traveled for 2-3 months at a time so he could be home with his family. With the loss of a child, loss of a job, and escalating health complication throughout the family, we would love to show this family how much their community loves them by eliminating some holiday stress and ensuring their kids have a wonderful Christmas.

Client’s diagnoses/description of care (from the first set of twins): congenital malformation of the heart, feeding difficulties, chronic respiratory disease

Client’s Clothing Information:

Shirt Size: 24 Mos

Pant Size: 24 Mos

Shoe Size: 6T

Client’s Favorite Colors: green and red

Client’s Wish List: Anything Pocoyo or Cocomelon related, word party, developmental toys, toys he can ride on, toddler and teething toys, building blocks and stacking toys, winter coat a size up, underwear, socks, a tablet


Sibling #1:

Age: 18

Gender: Girl

Shirt Size: Large

Pant Size: 10

Shoe Size: 9.5

Favorite Color: purple

Wish List: underwear, socks, coat a size up, loves volleyball and track 


Sibling #2:

Age: 14

Gender: Boy

Shirt Size: Large

Pant Size: 31/30

Shoe Size: 10.5

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Wish List: anything football, underwear, socks, coat a size up


Sibling #3: 

Age: 10

Gender: Girl

Shirt Size: Large

Pant Size: 14

Shoe Size: 9

Favorite Colors: blue and green

Wish List: fidget toys, arts and craft supplies, painting supplies, a tablet, winter coat a size up, underwear, socks 


Siblings #4 & #5: Have to have the exact same things or they argue

Age: 4 & 2

Gender: Girls

Shirt Size: 5T & 4T

Pant Size: 5T & 4T

Shoe Size: 11 Kids & 6 Kids

Wish List for both: Disney Princess toys, anything Elsa from Frozen, anything girly (need all toys to be exactly alike), socks, tablets, coat a size up


Sibling #6: 

Age: 1 (client’s twin)

Gender: Girl

Shirt Size: 12/18 mos (will be in 24 mos soon)

Pant Size: 12/18 mos (will be in 24 mos soon)

Shoe Size: 5T

Wish List: toys she can ride, anything Pocoyo or Cocomelon, word party, socks, winter coat size up, tablet


Household Necessities:

Vacuum, wipes, diapers, pull-ups, toiletries, tissue, paper towels, refrigerator (theirs is going out)


Parent Information:

Mom: 3X shirts, shoes size 10, underwear, socks

Dad: 36/34 pants, 2X shirts, shoes size 12, underwear, socks

Wish List: a TV for their room, foot tubs, and Epsom salt for soaking their feet


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