Classic In 100 Years??

Not all songs were created equal and not all songs can stand the test of time.  BuzzFeed opened a poll about some “modern day classics” to see what people think will stay a classic in 100 years.  Here are the highlights:

1.  “Smooth”,  Rob Thomas and Santana . . . About half voted NO, with the other half split on yes and “I’ve never heard it.”

2.  “Thong Song”,  Sisqo . . . Half the responses say no, while the other half are split on yes and “I’ve never heard it.”

3.  “Shake It Off”,  Taylor Swift . . . It’s closely split between yes and no.

4.  “All I Want for Christmas Is You”,  Mariah Carey . . . Almost everyone who voted said YES.

5.  “All Star”,  Smash Mouth . . . About two-thirds voted yes.

6.  “Hot in Herre”,  Nelly . . . It’s closely split, with a slight edge to YES.

7.  “Tubthumping”,  Chumbawamba . . . It’s going to be a NO from about half the voters, and the other half are split on yes and “I’ve never heard it.”

8.  “Shallow”,  Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper . . . It’s pretty close, but more people voted NO.

9.  “She Will Be Loved”,  Maroon 5 . . . A little more than half say no.

10.  “Sugar, We’re Goin Down”,  Fall Out Boy . . . This one probably won’t go down in history . . . a little more than half say no, with the rest split between yes and “I’ve never heard it.”

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