Frosty Family (2021)


Client’s physical age: 13

Developmental age: 

Mobility issues, restrictions, etc: 

Client’s situation/biographical info: This boy is one of 8 children and his parents are currently working opposite shifts to ensure someone is always home to take care of the kids. He has a feeding tube, Cerebral Palsy and uses an eye gaze communicator because he is non-verbal. He loves being read to, watching movies (especially Barney, Elmo and Dr. Suess), and listening to music. The parents’ world revolves around their children and having help to provide for them this Christmas would be wonderful for this deserving family. 

Client: Shirt size YL | Pants size Y 12-14 | Shoe size Y6 | Favorite colors: green, red and blue

Wishlist: air pods, any toys that light up or make noise, children’s movies, clothing

Household Necessities: Twin bedding (all boys beds), full size bedding (the girls share a bed), Cali King bedding (for parents), baby wipes


Broom, dustpan, mop, gift card to Mexican food restaurants

Sibling #1: Age 15 – boy

Shirt size: Adult L | Pants size: Adult L |Shoe size: Mens 14 | Favorite Color: purple

Wishlist: Coat/winter clothes, nerf guns, online gaming gift cards 

Sibling #2: Age 13 – boy

Shirt size: Adult M | Pants size: 32 |Shoe size: Mens 12 | Favorite Color: dark colors

Wishlist: Coat/winter clothes, nerf guns, Nintendo switch games (including Minecraft)

Sibling #3: Age 10 – girl

Shirt size: 12-14 girls | Pants size: 12-14 girls |Shoe size: women 7 | Favorite Color: pink, blue

Wishlist: Coat/winter clothes (likes crazy patterns), nerf guns, Nintendo switch games (including Minecraft)

Sibling #4 and 5: Age 9 – twin boys

Shirt size: 10-12 boys | Pants size: 10-12 boys |Shoe size: youth 7 | Favorite Color: red/green(twin 1) and blue/yellow (twin 2)

Wishlist: Coat/winter clothes, nerf guns, Nintendo switch games (including Minecraft), outdoor toys 

 Sibling #6: Age 6 – girl

Shirt size: 7-8 girls | Pants size: 7-8 girls |Shoe size: youth 3 | Favorite Color: purple, pink

Wishlist: dress up, princess stuff, outside toys, hot wheels, dolls

Sibling #7: Age 5 – girl

Shirt size: 6 or 6X | Pants size: 6 or 6X |Shoe size: Y12 or 1 | Favorite Color: red, pink, sparkles

Wishlist: dolls, dress up stuff, hot wheels, princess stuff


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