Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .



1.  A couple in Scotland named Alex and Jane Hamilton finally got married after SIX DECADES together.  She’s 89, he’s 91.  All the reports are calling it a “60-year engagement.”  But they never actually got engaged until a few weeks ago.



He casually said, “I think we should get married,” and she said okay.  They had a full Scottish wedding last Saturday with kilts and bagpipes.  One of their kids joked he didn’t get down on one knee to propose, because it “would have been dangerous” at his age.



2.  A little kid in California is going viral after an elaborate walk-up dance before his at-bat in a tee-ball game.  His mom says he’s a “goofy” kid, so it didn’t surprise her.



3.  An animal shelter in California rescued a raccoon that chewed a hole in someone’s roof . . . and got stuck halfway in with its butt sticking out.  They were able to save the raccoon and reunite it with its babies nearby.  (Here’s a photo.)



4.  On her own birthday last week, a marine biologist in Spain found a humpback whale tangled in a fishing net and saved its life.  She and another diver worked 45 minutes to cut the net away.  She says saving it was the best birthday gift she could have gotten.



5.  An 18-year-old in Australia lost her mom when she was seven.  And she was sad the guy she’s dating would never get to meet her.  But then he was going through some old class photos when they realized her mom was his kindergarten teacher.


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