Jingle Bell Family

Client Info: This 15-year-old boy (developmentally 6 years old) was born prematurely weighing 1 lb 5 oz. He was immediately care flighted to Methodist Hospital before being transferred to Children’s House of Baylor where his family spent 3 months receiving care for him and training to be able to meet his needs at home. He spent the first 6 months of his life in the hospital and is now big brother to two little sisters. In his early childhood, they relocated to North Texas be closer to his clinicians and therapies since he was spending a lot of time in the hospital. His parents are working hard to provide for their kids, but an extra hand from their community would make a world of difference to them. After having a hard Christmas last year, we want to make sure this year’s Christmas is unforgettable! 

Client’s diagnoses/description of care: G-Tube (allows food to pass directly into his tummy), uses a cerebrospinal fluid draining device, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD – lung disease that makes breathing difficult), epilepsy (a seizure disorder), and uses a wheelchair. 

Client’s Clothing Information:

Shirt Size: XL in Teens or 18/20 

Pant Size: XL in Teens or 18/20

Shoe Size: 1.5-2 in Kids Sizes

Client’s Favorite Colors: blue and red

Client’s Wish List: Something to play music on, dolls, action figures, anything related to Jurassic Park/Teletubbies/Avengers, bright and loud toys, Smart TV and DVD Player, Alexa device, outside shovels and pails, bubbles, chalk, coloring books and colors, socks, underwear, size L jacket/coat


Sibling #1:

Age: 13

Gender: Girl

Shirt Size: L

Pant Size: 12/13 in Teens

Shoe Size: 7-7.5 W

Favorite Color: Rose Pink

Wish List: anything girl, drawing supplies, anything related to anime/Sailor Moon/Pokemon, skirts, dresses, nail polish kit, uv nail polish dryer, some sort of computer/laptop/tablet device, pink bike, underwear, socks, size L jacket/coat


Sibling #2:

Age: 11

Gender: Girl

Shirt Size: Medium in Girls

Pant Size: 11 in Girls

Shoe Size: 7

Favorite Color: Lilac (light purple)

Wish List: anything girly, drawing supplies, barbies, LOL Dolls, Surprise Dolls, Little Brands Toys, My Little Pony, Purple Bike, some sort of computer/laptop/tablet device, socks, underwear, size L jacket/coat


Household Necessities:

Vacuum, fans, smart tv for living space, dishes, blankets, washer/dryer (currently use laundromat), dinner table, towels (need badly), microwave

UPDATE: Washer and Dryer and Microwave has been taken care of by anonymous donor. Thank you!!


Parent Information:


Shirt Size: Large

Pant Size: 12/13

Bra Size: 38D

Shoe Size 7 (needs tennis shoes)

Wish List: Dresser (currently using a bucket), massager for bed or chair, Jacket size L, underwear, black purse, makeup set (neutral eye shadow, pale foundation, rose pink lipsticks), body sprays in light fragrances, tablet


Shirt Size: L/XL

Pant Size: 36/32

Shoe Size: 10.5

Wish List: Tool kit, tool belt, foot tub, underwear, socks, Jacket XL


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