Love Is In The Air!!!!….. Or Not?
Bouquet of cottage garden flowers with homemade fabric bow and handmade card that says 'With love'.

If stats from surveys gets you going, well then this is the post for you!

1.  Only 51% of Americans are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  That’s down from 55% last year . . . and way down from the record high of 63% in 2007.

2.  But spending will be at an all-time high . . . people will spend an average of $162, up from $143 last year.

3.  Men plan to spend more than double what women plan to spend.

4.  Engaged people spend the most of any type of couples on Valentine’s Day . . . people who are dating are second . . . and married people spend the least.

5.  7% of single people say they spend an “unlimited” amount of money on themselves on Valentine’s Day.

6. 6% of people have spent more than $500 on Valentine’s Day at some point in the past.  4% of people have never spent a dime on it.

7.  The top five things women want to do the most on Valentine’s Day are:  Go out to dinner . . . get takeout and drink wine . . . have a good conversation . . . have sex . . . and read a book.

8.  The top five things men want to do the most on Valentine’s Day are:  Go out to dinner . . . have sex . . . get a drink at a bar . . . get takeout and drink wine . . . watch sports on TV.

9.  41% of people who own a pet say they’ll probably post a Valentine’s Day picture of that pet on social media today.  And half of women and a third of men will remember to say “I love you” to their pet.

10.  And a new study found that if, after a lonely Valentine’s Day, you’re looking for a relationship that could go the distance, it’s more important to find someone who’s KIND and emotionally STABLE than someone who has a similar personality to you.


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ALSO, from National Today

1. 13% of people LOVE Valentine’s Day, and say it’s the best holiday of the entire year.  But . . . 5% of people feel the exact opposite, and say it’s the most depressing.

2. 9% of people are buying THEMSELVES candy or flowers today.

3. 8% proposed to someone or have been proposed to on Valentine’s Day . . . or they’re expecting it to happen today.

4. 3% are going on a Tinder date tonight.

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