National Margarita Day!

If a coworker shows up hung over tomorrow morning, this is why:  Happy National Margarita Day!  Here are a few stats and facts to celebrate

1.  A poll for it found 76% of Americans like margaritas.  Only 7% have a full-on HATRED for them.

2.  Margaritas are the third-most-ordered cocktail worldwide.  That’s according to Bacardi’s most recent global survey.  The top five are gin & tonic, mojito, margarita, Bloody Mary, and whisky & Coke.

3.  67% of us prefer frozen margaritas.  But 3% of Americans don’t think that’s truly a “margarita” and will JUDGE you for ordering it.

4.  Cheeseburgers are the top food we’re most likely to order with a frozen margarita.

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