North Pole Family

Client Info:

We are incredibly saddened to share that since announcing the 2022 Calling All Angels Toy Drive families, the North Pole family’s 5-year-old daughter has gained her heavenly wings. Instead of fulfilling this angel’s Christmas wish list, her mom is seeking support in covering funeral costs. We would also like to proceed with fulfilling this mom’s Christmas wish list to ensure her physical needs are met this holiday season.

This was a 5-year-old girl whose mom was told, while pregnant with her, that she would be born with a brain abnormality. At 6 months pregnant, Mom was transferred to a hospital across the state because her doctors believed her baby girl could have Dandy-Walker Syndrome (a condition in which the cerebellum does not develop properly). When she was born, she was in the NICU for 22 days before being evacuated due to Hurricane Harvey and transferred back to a hospital near home. Once back in North Texas, this little baby girl underwent two heart surgeries before spending another year in the NICU. During this time, Mom’s doctors were encouraging her to “let her [daughter] go” because she would be in a vegetative state, but her mom knew her baby girl was a fighter. This 5-year-old little lady proved that she is a tough cookie and was full of life and love throughout her short, inspirational lifetime. We would love your help in showering this grieving mother with love and support this Christmas as she plans a funeral for her little angel.

Client’s diagnoses/description of care: G-Tube/G-Button (allow food to be fed directly into her tummy), a trach and vent (allow air to travel directly into her lungs via a port in her neck), and Jouberts Syndrome (a rare brain malformation in which the cerebellar vermis is absent or underdeveloped)

Mother has asked that monetary donations be made to help cover funeral costs.

Household Necessities:

Cleaning supplies, dishes, a space heater

Mom Information:

Perfume, a jacket (size Large), gift cards






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