Old School Terms!

Over 40% said they sometimes hear older people use phrases that make no sense to them.  Here are the top ten they’re least likely to know . . .

1.  “Beating a dead horse.”  It means wasting time, or continuing to debate something that’s already settled.



2.  “Rule of thumb.”  A general guideline for how to do something.



3.  “Back to the salt mines.”  To go back to work, especially if you’ve got a demanding boss.



4.  “Take the bull by the horns.”  To deal with a difficult situation head-on and take control.



5.  “You don’t cut the mustard.”  You’re not good enough, or aren’t meeting expectations.



6.  “What’s your beef?”  It means, “Why are you upset?” or “Why do you disagree?”



7.  “Let sleeping dogs lie.”  Don’t interfere in a situation if it’s not causing you any harm.  (“Don’t poke the bear” means the same thing.)



8.  “Burn the midnight oil.”  Staying up late to keep working or studying.



9.  “Throw in the towel.”  To give up or admit defeat.  It’s an old boxing term.



10.  “Bite the bullet.”  To deal with something tough that you’ve been avoiding.

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