Santa Family

Client Info: This is a 5-month-old baby boy who was born prematurely with a collapsed lung, therefore requiring a ventilator immediately. He spent the first 11 weeks of his live in the hospital, and his mom could not hold him until he was 2 weeks old. While in the hospital, he had to have several blood fusions and was 2 months old before he was able to take a bottle feeding. He currently lives at home with his single mom and two siblings and is making progress every day. 

Client’s diagnoses/description of care: Hydrops (a condition in which large amounts of fluid build up in a baby’s tissues and organs, causing extensive swelling) and a G-tube which is a feeding tube. 

Client’s Clothing Sizes:

Shirts: 6-9 mo

Pants: 6-9 mo

Shoes: 6-9 mo

Client’s Favorite Colors: Any! 

Client’s Wish List: diapers (size 2 and up), developmental toys, night sleepers, a dresser, a seated walker


Sibling #1 Information:

Age: 9

Gender: Boy

Shirt Size: 7

Pant Size: 7

Shoe size: 2

Favorite colors: green and blue

Wish List: anything Mine Craft, anything Ninja Turtles, gift cards for activities like movie theaters, HeyDay, or Urban Air


Sibling #2 Information:

Age: 5

Gender: Girl

Shirt Size: 6

Pant Size: 6

Shoe size: 10/11

Favorite Colors: pink and purple

Wish List: Unicorns, cats, baby dolls and accessories, gift cards for activities like movie theaters, HeyDay, or Urban Air


Household Necessities:

Bunk bed and mattresses for the client’s brother and sister, a refrigerator (used is okay), crock pot, air fryer


Mom Information:

Mom is currently sleeping on a 10-year-old mattress on the floor and would love a king bed with a new mattress. She would also like gift cards to Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and for a spa day.


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