Sugar Plum Family

Client Info: This is a 3-year-old little boy with the developmental age of a newborn. When his mother was pregnant, she developed Type-1 Diabetes and went blind. Her baby was born with Hydrocephalus and had to receive a VP shunt that he will have to have for the rest of his life. Then, when he was only 2-years-old, he had to have an open heart surgery. He and his mom have endured a lot together, but they are making the best of every situation life throws their way. His single mom of 2 kids loves her family dearly and is so excited that her community is going to show her boys lots of love this holiday season. 

Client’s diagnoses/description of care: VP Shunt (a small plastic tube that helps drain extra cerebrospinal fluid from the brain), a G-Button (allows him to be fed through a port that leads directly into his tummy)

Client Clothing Information:

Shirt Size: 3T

Pant Size: 3T

Shoe Size: 5

Client’s Favorite Colors: Red and blue

Client’s Wish List: Disney movies, TV, music toys, anything Mickey Mouse, clothes. 


Sibling Information:

Age: 10

Gender: Boy

Shirt Size: XL

Pant Size: 28/30

Wish List: anything related to hip-hop music, football, and gaming


Household Necessities: 

Blankets, rugs, bedding (twin and full), cleaning supplies, a TV


Mom’s Wish List:

King-sized bedding

Jacket Size Small

Bras 34B


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