Ten Money Saving Tips As We Head Into The Holidays

Here are some great money saving tips…

Put socks and a sweater on before you turn up the heat.  You might not need to turn it up.

If you get an email about a sale, delete it immediately.  Don’t even open it.  It’s rarely something you need.

Here’s another one for impulse buys:  When you see something you want on Amazon, put it on your wishlist and wait 48 hours.  If you really want it, you’ll go back.  If not, you just saved money.

Make it a habit to sell stuff you don’t use.  Like one thing a month on Facebook Marketplace.  It’s not really a “saving” hack, just extra cash in your pocket.

Only buy clothes when they’re out of season.  For example, you might find good deals on swimsuits right now.

Stop eating meat with every meal.  It’s expensive, so even one vegetarian dinner a week adds up.

Always carry a reusable water bottle with you.  Think of how many times you stop to buy a drink?  It adds up.  It doesn’t even have to be water.  You can fill it with whatever you want.

Never buy napkins.  Grab extras every time you get fast food.  It works with condiments too.

Try piggybacking.  That’s where you don’t run out to get something until you have at least TWO errands to run.  It saves on gas.

One more driving hack:  Go the speed limit.  Gas ain’t cheap, and you burn more of it when you drive fast.  55 tends to be the most fuel-efficient speed.  At 65, you’re burning 8% more fuel.  At 80, it jumps to 28%.

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