THIS Is A Laundry Hater’s Dream!
Laundry room with tall pile of clothes.

The Consumer Electronics Show is going on this week in Las Vegas, and there is one machine in particular that is getting a lot of hype, and even causing parents to freak out…. in the best way possible!

The FoldiMate is a laundry folding machine. As in…. it will fold your laundry FOR YOU!  According to USA Today, “The robot is about the size of workplace copy machine and it stands to be a game-changer for parents. The FoldiMate folds about 25 pieces of laundry, such as collared shirts, towels, pillowcases and adult-size XXL, in less than five minutes. But as mentioned, it doesn’t handle baby clothes, small items like socks or much larger items like sheets.”

But how much is the amazing piece of machinery? FoldiMate says it will be around $980, which isn’t too bad, considering. A Peloton runs upwards of $2 thousand, and YOU have to do all the work. You can expect the FoldiMate robot to go on sale later this year.


via USA Today

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