Unspoken Office Rules!!

1.  If you’ve been in a meeting forever and your boss says, “Okay, anything else?” . . . keep your mouth SHUT.

2.  Don’t be too efficient.  It makes other people look bad, and your boss will just ask you to do more.  If you’re not busy, don’t tell anyone.

3.  The third time you walk past someone in a day doesn’t require a hello.  Say hi the first time, nod the second time, and ignore them after that.

4.  Never reheat something smelly, like fish.  Especially right before someone else uses the microwave.  You’ll cross-contaminate their food with fish stink.

5.  If you don’t want people using your coffee mug, don’t leave it in the kitchen.  If you leave it there, it’s a communal mug.

6.  Don’t be the “smelly” person at work.  If your odor is more pungent than most, invest in perfume or cologne.  Although, too much perfume can ALSO make you the smelly one at work.

7.  Unless you have a private office, never use your speakerphone.  People should be more mindful of how loud they are in general.

8.  Don’t mess with other people’s stuff.  Like if someone’s out sick and you know they have extra ketchup packets in their desk?  Those are off limits, and they WILL notice they’re missing.

9.  Don’t complain about everything.  Constant negativity isn’t fun, even if you agree with the person’s take.

10.  Don’t schedule meetings first thing Monday, or last thing Friday.  It’s a great way to make people hate you.

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