Way To Go Dan!!

A guy in Austin named Dan Graham was sick of getting so many calls from telemarketers.  So last year, he started SUING them.

He works as a financial consultant, and says ignoring random calls isn’t an option for him.  He has to answer them even though they’re spam calls half the time.

He tried adding his number to the Do Not Call list, and filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau.  But that didn’t do any good.

So last April, he sued one of the companies that kept calling him . . . and WON.  Or technically, they settled.  They had to, because he showed they were violating something called the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

So after that, he kept doing it.  And in the last 11 months, he’s filed 50 more lawsuits . . . and made 75 GRAND in settlements.

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