What We Want For Valentines!
Woman Holding Box of Chocolates

My favorite part of this poll is when you break it down for men and women.  Because the answers are NOT the same . . .



A big survey for Valentine’s Day looked at the top gifts we’d like to receive this year.  And #1 overall is a card.  36% of women and 30% of men would like to get one.



Things get a little different after that first one though . . .



The top things women want this year are:  A card . . . flowers . . . chocolates or candy . . . a nice dinner out . . . and jewelry.



The top things men want are:  A card . . . a nice dinner out . . .. . . chocolates or candy . . . and in fifth place is NOTHING.



21% of men say they’d love to get nothing for Valentine’s Day this year.  Only 14% of women say the same.


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