Would You Clone Yourself If You Could?

According to a new survey, 88% of Millennial moms say they’re so busy that they’d “jump” at the opportunity to clone themselves.  And the average person estimates that they’d need FOUR clones to handle all the tasks they’d LIKE to get done.

These are the Top 10 jobs moms would want their clones to do:

1.  Housekeeper, 56%

2.  Laundry Service, 51%

3.  Chef, 41%

4.  Nanny / Babysitter, 38%

5.  Personal Assistant, 36%

6.  Personal Shopper, 34%

7.  Tutor / Homework Helper, 31%

8.  Handywoman, 30%

9.  Chauffeur, 28%

10.  Doctor / Nurse, 26%

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