Jewel preps 25th anniversary reissue of ‘Pieces of You,’ will play album in its entirety on livestream

Craft RecordingsJewel‘s got something that was meant for me…and you: a deluxe 25th anniversary reissue of her 12X-Platinum debut album Pieces of You.

The package, available November 20, comes with four CDs packaged in a hardback portfolio book featuring new liner notes, lyrics, poetry, rare photographs and other never-before-seen content. 

In addition to the newly remastered original album, you also get a disc of demos, a disc of rarities, B-sides and outtakes, and live coffeehouse recordings from 1994.  The album will also be available as two CDs, four LPs and as a digital album.

A demo version of Jewel’s #1 hit “You Were Meant for Me,” featuring guitar and vocals by co-writer Steve Poltz, is now available as a digital single.

On November 20 at 8 p.m. ET, Jewel will also stage a virtual livestream show, and for the first time ever, she’ll play Pieces of You in its entirety. Tickets to the livestream are now available at her online store, and there are a variety of packages to choose from.

The VIP package includes a Q&A with Jewel, plus access to performances of songs that won’t be in the regular set, with all proceeds going to charity: specifically, to Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation and Voices of Hwo??dzil (Resilience) – Adabi Healing Center.

Pieces of You is one of the best-selling debut albums of all time.  “Listening back to these songs, I hear a lot of courage, though I didn’t feel that at the time,” Jewel says in a statement.  “I was really raw, but I wanted people to feel what I was feeling as intensely as I was.”

Here’s the track listing for the box set:

Disc 1
“Who Will Save Your Soul”  
“Pieces Of You”
“Little Sister”
“Foolish Games”  
“Near You Always”  
“Morning Song”  
“I’m Sensitive”  
“You Were Meant For Me”
“Angel Standing By”  
“You Were Meant For Me” (Album Edit)  
“Foolish Games” (Radio Edit)  
“Morning Song” (Radio Mix)  
“Angel Needs A Ride”
“Everything Breaks”
Disc 2
“Who Will Save Your Soul” (Demo)*
“Pieces Of You” (Demo)*
“Little Sister” (Demo)*
“Foolish Games” (Demo)*
“Adrian” (Demo)*
“You Were Meant For Me” (Demo)*
“Near You Always” (Demo)*
“Painters” (Demo)
“Don’t” (Demo)*
“Daddy” (Demo)*
“Angel Standing By” (Demo)*
“Amen” (Demo)*
“See Sassy Wake Up” (Demo)*
“His Pleasure Is My Pain” (Demo)*
“Down So Long” (Demo)*
“Sometimes It Be That Way “(Demo)*
“Nicotine Love” (Demo)*
“Tiny Love Spaces” (Demo)*
Disc 3
“1000 Miles Away” (Live)
“She Cries” (Live)
“My Own Private God’s Gift To Women”
“Race Car Driver”
“Flower” (Live)
“I’m Sensitive” (Live)
“You Were Meant For Me” (Juan Patiño Version)
“Cold Song”
“Rocker Girl”
“Dance Between Two Women”
“Quiet Warrior”
“Walk Away” (Outtake)*
“See Sassy Wake Up” (Outtake)*
“Foolish Games” (No String Overdubs)*
“Angel Needs A Ride” (Outtake)*
“Flower” (Outtake)*
“Race Car Driver” (Outtake)*
“Who Will Save Your Soul” (Unedited Master Take)*
“Sov Gott” (Live)*
Disc 4
“Who Will Save Your Soul” (Live)*
“Pieces Of You” (Live)*
“Little Sister” (Live)*
“Near You Always” (Live)*
“Painters” (Live)*
“Morning Song” (Live)*
“Adrian” (Live)*
“I’m Sensitive” (Live)*
“Don’t” (Live)*
“Daddy” (Live)*
“Angel Standing By” (Live)*
“Amen” (Live)*
“Foolish Games” (Piano Demo)*
“Quiet Warrior” (Live)*
“Chime Bells (aka The Yodeling Song)” (Live)*

* Indicates previously unreleased tracks.

By Andrea Dresdale
Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

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